Pegasus Rising Presents: Performer Pedagogues
7:00pm 7:00pm

Pegasus Rising Presents: Performer Pedagogues

Pegasus Rising young artist Glenna Curren will present a program with friends Arnie Tanimoto and Christopher Petit. Around the turn of the 19th century, a new wave of cellists began to elevate music for their instrument to heights of unprecedented virtuosity. Among the most influential of these cellists was Bernhard Romberg, whose pedagogical developments have been reflected in every subsequent generation of performers. Join us for an exploration of charming and rarely heard 19th century cello music, written by virtuosic performers for themselves and for their students— put into context alongside one of the famous works that influenced this early romantic style. The program will feature the music of Ludwig van Beethoven and of 19th century cellists Bernhard Romberg, Friedrich Dotzauer, and Friedrich Kummer. 

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Zipoli's Missa a San Ignacio

The Christ Church Schola Cantorum (dir. Stephen Kennedy) collaborates with organist Nathan Laube and Publick Musick. The performance features the stunning Italian baroque organ at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery's beautiful Fountain Court. 

Free admission. For more information, please visit

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